Thanks for stopping by my blog


Hey there! I’m Sammie

   Living in the desert with my loving family, & my spirited Boston Terrier, Olive. Love to write, thrift for vintage, ride horses & eat Donuts! Photography is my passion, since I was a kid. I received my first camera from my parents, when I was 9, a big bulky Polaroid. I thought I was the coolest kid on the block snapping Polaroids. Then they passed down their Canon AE-1 film camera to me, it quickly became my favorite! I took classes where I feel in love with film & the whole darkroom process! I later got a CanonRebel XSI Digital SLR, which I love but my heart still belongs with film photography. Constantly learning & loving to capture life’s moments behind the lens.

Addicted to collecting eclectic coffee mugs, that I don’t need, but have to have. Enjoy baking & sharing sweet treats! When it comes to cooking, still learning how to cook more than overcooked spaghetti & burnt toast! Ha! I love succulents & plants but, usually can’t keep them alive. 😦  My blog is a compilation of wandering thoughts through my bumpy journey, sharing photography with bits of hope & motivation along the way. We all stumble, have good days & disappointing ones, it’s how we choose to get through them but why not get through them together?

Hope you’ll join me on my new blogging adventure!


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