Inspiration Behind The Name


CactusDweller came to fruition for more than just providing a beautiful backdrop, full of prickly wonders for most of my life. It is a beautiful plant full of strength. ‘Cacti’ actually symbolizes endurance, as it adapts, and stands up to intense elements.The word ‘endure’ has been on my heart lately, it doesn’t mean to just suffer through pain, it means to survive, persevere through the pain patiently. It represents a great reminder, to me, that we don’t have to endure alone. We all have bumps in the road, but Jesus knows our every step, past, present, and future. We can embrace every crisis thrown our way, keeping the faith, and being patient knowing It is all apart of His plan.

I would love for this blog to be a place for readers to feel welcome, and comfortable to share experiences; to cry, laugh, and relate without judgement. I will be happy with being able to bring encouragement to even just one person. We are all dearly loved and have a beautiful purpose!