New Perspective- Photography on Horseback

There is beauty all around us, up above our heads, below our rubber soles, right in front of us, we look, but do we truly see? 


I have been riding my horse lately, it had been almost a year, I had forgotten how much I love it. I’ve been around horses all my life, my mom had me on a horse as a small munchkin.

I’ve always felt a strong connection with horses, feeling safe, yet aware of the risk, trusting this 1000 pound animal with your life. Being on a horse is extremely exhilarating, freeing, captivating, and literally breathtaking. A beautiful escape into a carefree perspective, the everyday doubts, worries, unbearable stresses just fade away into the sand.


I’ve been getting my horse acclimated to dogs barking, kids playing, sirens blaring, and to my frequent stops, taking pictures of the beautiful nature. I love the perspective from the back of my four legged 1000 pound companion.

It is necessary in life to find something that refreshes, and recharges you, a hobby that gives you clarity, and new perspectives. Horseback riding and photography are outlets for me to step back, think, and process life’s obstacles. What are your outlets?

All photos are taken by me.

Color me calm

  I loved coloring as a kid, I remember having a Snow White coloring book, Winnie the Pooh, really all the Disney coloring books were my favorites. It was the best feeling, bringing a splash of color to blank pages. I usually colored outside the lines, but who cares when you’re a kid? I miss those carefree days of expressing oneself without the pressure of a deadline, or the need to prove anything. As an adult we get too consumed with trying to pay the bills, always working trying to stay afloat. When there is a chance of rest, it’s either sleeping or zoning in front of a movie. Every person is different, and we all have our unique interests, but everyone is in need of some carefree hobbies that distract from the hustle and bustle. If coloring doesn’t strike your fancy, find something that does. My sister and I occasionally go to my Aunt’s house for girl time, coloring and drinking wine. It’s an activity that doesn’t care your age, it welcomes you at any stage of life, our coloring dates bring laughter, relaxation, and quality time. Last night my best friend, and I went to Michael’s Art Store looking for new coloring books. We made the mistake of asking the sales associate for “adult coloring books” she gave us a funny look, we quickly added grown up coloring books for clarification. She said “oh ok, for a minute there I thought you meant red curtain private section adult coloring books, and we don’t have that.” 😂 It’s easy to forget that the word adult has a couple different meanings, gotta love awkward moments like that! She also said the coloring books have been flying off the shelf, ever since TV talk shows, have been talking about coloring as a great way to let go of stress, and unwind. Interesting that all of the sudden coloring is becoming the latest craze, it’s always been for every age not just for kids! The next time you have a bad day, or negativity is taking hold, grab some crayons/colored pencils and decompress, positive thoughts only!